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My Pet Your Pet is a new platform exclusively for (strictly vetted) dog and cat owners who support each other with free pet day care/home boarding. There is an annual subscription fee, which includes start-up credits, that you can use straight away, which includes Personal Liability & Veterinary Fees insurance for you and your pet(s). A percentage of membership fees are donated to the charity of your choice.

The quality of the vetting process is of key importance. Before being able to connect with other pet owners, each member and pet details are verified in order to make sure that:

a) every pet is registered and complies with UK health and safety regulations such as being microchipped, vaccinated, registered at a veterinary practice and having a proof of ID.

b) every pet belongs to their legal registered owner - by checking that the owner’s full name and address matches the registered address of the pet on the pet identification documents such pet passport or pet microchip registration certificate.

No money changes hands between members for hosting a pet. It is a free service. Members only exchange MPYP credits. Members earn credits when they host another member’s pet. Members give their credits to other members who host their pets. The more often you host, the more credits you receive. The bigger the dog you host, the more credits you receive. If you cannot host for any reason, you can purchase a limited number of 6 credits maximum per month, which will allow you to have your pet hosted at other members.


To celebrate the launch, My Pet Your Pet is offering 100 free memberships (worth £49.99!!!) allocated on a first come, first served basis exclusively to Pet Points members – when you sign-up, just enter the affiliate code PETPOINTS on page one of the sign up form and then add the discount code MPYPFREE on the following page to get a free standard membership.

Following that, once the free memberships are all taken, you still qualify for a 20% discount off all paid memberships if you have used affiliate code PETPOINTS on the first sign-up page.

Please note: Anyone who uses the Affiliate Code when signing-up will automatically see 20% discount on all memberships. To receive free membership, you must use the Discount Code that will grant 100 free memberships. After 100 Free Memberships are used up, you will still automatically see 20% discount.

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