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BorrowMyDoggy is an online service that works by matching local doggy borrowers with dog owners in the same local area all via an easy to use online platform.

Start by clicking 'GET FREEBIE' below and sign-up. If you are a dog borrower, then you can freely check out what dogs live near you which can be borrowed. If you are interested in borrowing a dog then follow the short sign-up process to register and verify your details for free. To get in touch directly with dog owners there is a one-off £10 annual subscription cost to verify your membership.

For dog owners, sign-up and complete your profile about your dog including your location so you can find out what borrowers are available near to you. As a safety measure, all borrowers are verified before being allowed to match. You then pay an annual one-off subscription fee of around £50 (small potatoes, when you consider the cost of regular dog sitters/walkers!).


BorrowMyDoggy is an top rated service with over 600,000 members which matches dog owners and borrowers together. Not only is it great fun for dog borrowers who don't want the big responsibility that comes with a full-time dog, but also provides an incredibly cheap dog walking, sitting and holiday service for dog owners.

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