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Free entry to win £100 M&S Vouchers plus information about Puppy & Kitten Packs from My Family Pets which bundle everything you need including:

* Primary Vaccination Course
Prevent your new pet from many infectious diseases with our high quality vaccines to boost their immunity.

* Initial Flea & Worm Treatment
Fleas and worms are particularly dangerous and sometimes even fatal to animals. In some cases they can spread to humans so the treatment not only protects your pet but also your home.

* Microchipping
It is not only a legal requirement to microchip dogs, it also helps re-unite thousands of lost pets and their owners. Puppies should already be microchipped but this is available as part of the pack for any pet that has not been.

* 2kg bag of Nature's Range pet food
Highly nutritious food to start your new pet's life in the healthiest way.

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