FELIX FunSauces Free Sample Pack

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FELIX FunSauces Free Sample Pack fo catsFree sample FELIX FunSauces with every free GO-CAT Crunchy & Tender cat food...


This double whammy cat freebie couldn't be simplier to claim. Just hit 'GET FREEBIE' and fill out the short form with your name and address plus your cats details. Please note if you have a kitten you won't receive the FunSauces as they are only suitable for adult cats. By joining the Purina GO-CAT email newsletter club, you'll also receive future promotions and discounts by email.


This freebie just got better - not only can you claim a free pack of Go-Cat Crunchy & Tender but for a limited time only you'll also get free FELIX FunSauces - they add a tasty sauce at mealtimes! Felix FunSauces add a tasty topping to food and your cat will love licking them. Each sachet is low in fat, contributes to your cats daily liquid intake and is also packed with vitamins and taurine.

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