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Win £10,000 top prize in Cats Protection lotteryWin £10,000 with Cats Protection Lottery


To find out how you can enter and win this amazing cash prize hit 'WIN £10,000' below.

Cats Protection are a national charity which look after the safety, health and well-being of cats. WinwithCats allows people (who love cats) to donate by entering a lottery or raffle to win regular cash prizes.


Your entry money will directly help the work of Cats Protection. For instance, £12 worth of entry money could pay for 4 flea treatments on a cat in need.

The lottery costs only £1 a week to enter to win top prize of £10,000 with 200 runner's up cash prizes also to be won. Or maybe you prefer to enter the Cats Protection raffle with similar top cash prizes on offer.

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