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17th April 2018 posted by Peter @ Pet Points

A new survey reveals just how much we spend on our pets!

A recent study found that Brits spend on average £1,150 a year or £95 a month on their pets. This results in spending an eye-watering 10 billion a year on their dogs and 8 billion a year on their cats!

Vet bills, food and treatments can escalate and some people don’t realistically cost everything out and set a budget before buying their pet. These costs can then become unsustainable, leaving some pets being handed into charities, re-homed or worst - abandoned.

For most of us, we see pets as being priceless as they are a member of the family and they deserve to be treated as such.

Not only this, but over a quarter of pet owners like to pamper their pets, with an average of nearly £200 a year being spent on clothes for their pets and 66% of owners buy accessories for their pet.

However, how can we make sure that this doesn’t come at too high a cost - ending up in financial trouble?

How to keep your wallet and your pet happySave money on pets with free pet stuff

- Be strict - create a pet budget and set a monthly spending limit

- Be careful - put money in a separate savings account for pet emergencies

- Share - use Pet Points and spread the word on social media to encourage bigger discounts

- Get the best price - use pet apps and internet search engines to research product reviews and compare prices

- Shop online - sign up for your favourite online pet shops newsletters and get the latest deals into your inbox

- Sometimes you don’t have to pay a penny - make the most of the pet freebies available

- Shop around - look for new lines of affordable pet products, such as those now on offer at Lidl

- Save money and groom at home

- Take preventative care - keep up-to-date on vaccines and prevent pet illness


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