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Human Food for Dogs - Can/can't eat list (infographic)Ultimate Guide to Human Food Dogs can eat...

Chips are bad

Did you know that French fries are the equivalent of poison for dogs? Yes, neither did we. So many times, we share human foods with our dogs without really giving it a second thought, and that is a reflex we should change.

You see, dogs are very different from humans (as you might have already noticed, since they walk on all-fours and we are, most of the time, two-legged creatures), which means that their digestive system doesn’t work the same way as ours. They can eat some food that could be mortal to us, and vice-versa.

Puppy Dog Eyes

If every time you try to eat something, your dog gives you puppy eyes so you give him some of it, and you can’t resist, the coming infographic is for you. Because, as you might probably not know, some of the food we think is good for dogs can, in fact, harm them, such as bones or ham, which we both don’t encourage to feed your best friend.

Good Human Food for Dogs

Other foods are surprisingly good for your best friend, such as bananas, sweet potatoes, or even cucumber! As it happens, dogs don’t love just meat, they can also enjoy a big range of fruits and vegetables that provide them with a whole load of vitamins that they can’t get by just eating meat.

So, if you want to know more about which humans foods you can feed your dog and which ones you should avoid even bringing to the house (or just hide really really well, way away from your furry friend), check out the infographic!

Posted on 25th September 2017 bu Peter


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