How to get free cat food samples in UK

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How to get free cat food samples in UK

There are a bewildering amount of cat food options on the market today. From big names such as Purina, Royal Canin and IAM's (Woody the cat here pictured with IAM's) to newer entrants such as Republic of Cats, KatKin and others. You also have the choice of a hybrid wet cat food diet or dry food only.

So let's deal with each of the options in turn:

Wet v's Dry Food

Whilst some people think it is somehow mean not to give cats wet food. However the fact of the matter is that cats will become used to whichever diet you start off with. Woody has only had dry food since she was a kitten and now to feed her wet food would not be a treat but only upset her stomach. With pets it seems, you don't miss what you've never had! Remember dry food is a complete food that contains all the vital vitamins and minerals a cat needs to stay fit and healthy.

Big brand v's New brand cat food

You could argue that because big name brands have been around so long they are the safest to use. However all cat food brought to market for sale in the UK have to pass stringent safety test and you commmonly find many of the same ingredients in each. It is worth visiting some ot the big brand websites such as Purina & IAM's to see if they offer free samples. If you can see any offers, then sign-up to their email newsletter to get an alert when they become available.

Some of the newer brands also offer discount or free cat food trials. For instance, you can claim 28 cat food meals for just £2.50 from Republic of Cats at the moment. Please do bear in mind that free trial boxes or discounts off your first month usually form part of an ongoing subscription. So ensure you familarise yourself with the cancellation terms - normally you are free to cancel whenever you like.

To sum up, it is very worthwhile shopping around to look at many of the newer cat food brands as you are likely to get bigger deals and discounts. But the thing we like most about these new brands is that you can personalise the food to your cat's preferences, size and breed type. Then it's super convenient because they deliver this tailored food in a monthly box to your door without the hassle of having to run out to the shop.


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