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Dogs Trust free microchipFree dog microchipping from Dogs Trust worth £30...


Get your dog microchipped for free by clicking 'GET FREEBIE' then find your nearest free microchipping event, vet or rehoming centre courtesy of Dogs Trust. Dogs Trust are a charity funded by the public and this is just one example of the great work they do for dogs in the UK and saves you shelling out £30 cash!

It is now compulsory by law to get animals microchipped in England. The offical deadline was 6th April 2016 to microchip your pet otherwise you may be liable for a penalty fine of £500! If you have a new puppy, then you are given up to 8 weeks to register and microchip your dog.


The free micro-chipping events and roadshows hosted by Dogs Trust are nationwide so you won't have to travel far to find your nearest one. Just take you dog along after registration to get your dog chipped for free. If your dog is a puppy please ensure he is fully vaccinated before attending. Other than that, it's a simple painless exercise but essential to help ensure you find your dog again if he gets lost.

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