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Free lost dog finder tracker appFree DogTrac lost pet tracker app...


DogTrac allows dog owners register to use the service for free. This creates a community that can look for your dog should your dog get lost and you need help. You may not realise but you have just 7 days to claim your dog from a local authority (including dog shelters) before it can be put down or rehomed. DogTrac saves valuable time by alerting everyone in the community within 5 miles radius of where you think your dog might be.


Pick between two dog finder services:

Dog Watch Plus - Click 'GET FREEBIE' below to get 12 months free no obligation use of the service. You can register your dog and provide your alert contact details should your dog get lost.

DogTrac ID Tags - this is a great app that uses NFC and QR technology to find lost dogs fast. The dog wears the tag so other pet owners can quickly locate your dog. Click below and use exclusive voucher code petpoints15 to save 15% discount.

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