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Perfect Fit is expert nutrition designed by vets to feed your cat's spirit of youth for all his life. It contains key benefits:

- Vitality & Agility: Complete and balanced nutrition to sustain your cat's vitality and increased levels of B vitamins & Iron to maintain your cat's agility

- Healthy Gums & Teeth: Crunchy texture to contribute to clean teeth which benefits the gums

- Strong Muscles: High level of selected proteins contributing to development of strong muscles

- Strong Natural Defences: With increased taurine, vitamin E, supplemented with vitamin C and antioxidants that strenghten natural defences

- Urinary Tract Health: Formulated with balanced minerals to support Lower Urinary Tract Health

- Healthy Digestion: Created with high quality proteins & rice that are easier for your cat to digest

- Optimum Weight: A combination of L-carnitine, high levels of protein and energy promotes optimum weight management and body condition

- Healthy Skin & Coat: Contains biotin, zinc & sunflower oil, a natural source of omega-6-fatty acids, to help support a healthy skin and coat

Claim a free pack now to see what difference it could make to your cat's life.

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